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The frequency this piece carries is pulled up from the past, karma, family, history, and generations. It is what I would call your re-occurring scenarios that seem to happen over and over again. This is because you are not recognizing the repetition or just not changing it. This piece allows awareness, recognition, respect, understanding, clarity, wisdom, appreciation, etc. It surrounds your house or where ever you feel compelled to keep it. I place this piece in the center of my house. It helps me to recognize what I need to recognize and compels me to resolve everything that is best suited for me in my time, space, and reality. It will assist you and help bring up things to be cleaned or will help vanquish them as they come. Only the things that are true to you can stand or be in this energy.


Remember: Each piece is designed to connect to your unique design and it may help you in a different way depending on where you are in your reality. It will change and grow with you while helping you on your journey.

Past, Present, and Future

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