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I wasn't sure how to begin to describe my experience with Nela, but if I had to pick one word, it would be enlightening. Nela is an energy muse that has helped me in a multitude of ways. When listening to any audios she sent me, it was almost as though I was put into a trance to truly embody the words that she spoke. I would be reminded of Nela's message and what she was helping me with throughout the day. She has not only helped me with physical knee pain from an injury, but she has helped me understand the depths of why that may have come to be in the first place. She has given me a new perspective in almost every area of my life. The most significant change I have noticed since working with Nela is how I think about the world around me and my experience in it.

Nela is incredible at what she does, and I have never experienced anything like her energy muse. She is compassionate, understanding, and able to see things about your situation that you cannot. If you have the privilege to work with her, I highly encourage you to take that opportunity. I am so grateful for all that she has done for me!


I have never felt better emotionally in my head until Nela entered my life. Not sure what to call what she has.  All I know is how I feel inside.  Menopause has not been friendly.  I am thankful and very welcoming of her ability.  Please try for your own well-being and the ones you love.  Belief is only had if you try!    



When Nela first started working on my energy, we did alignments. We started because I was unable to sleep and had been having back pain. At first I would feel my body move as she worked with my energy and I would try to not allow my body to move. I was unable to hold my body straight. As she worked, my energy my body would move and flow with it as it needed. After the 1st session, I felt relief and in fact forgot about my back pain. She helped me with until I sat to write this.


These first sessions I had with her were in person. My last session with Nela was by phone. As we started this latest session, I realized I have not been able to see the colors when my eyes are closed. This was something I was able to see after my energy work with Nela. Once I realized this, I realized I miss it. She walked me through the energy work over the phone. As she did, I felt immediate comfort. I could see color again and this gave me comfort.

This made me realize I need to do daily work on my energy to hold the space Nela is able to bring me after a session.



Where do I begin my story of my journey of awakening? Let us start with Nela sharing her story with me. I did not believe anything she had to say. Let’s be 100% here; I was downright worried for her. My voice of doubt came in about what she was sharing with me and the abilities she was discovering and using to help others with. Still with the voice of doubt, she intrigued me and I kept finding myself coming back to her.


The first time she shared the feeling of her energy through her hands to my hands, I cried. Now I know why I did. It was because it was familiar; it was home. At this point, I did not know this yet. As I was drawn to her more and more, I opened to her ever so slowly. I started to listen to my gut my inner voice. Finally, I committed on working with Nela 1-on-1 for two months. This was a lot of inner work on myself - reprogramming myself and finally loving me for what I am…finding my purpose.


After this commitment of hard work, I cannot believe how easy life can be. I now LIVE…in total control of my life. I am the creator of my destiny. I have power beyond what I could have imagined. All this time, it was always there at my fingertips waiting to take flight. Manifest? Oh, yes, this is real and something I use every day. Stop, slow down, and let life happen to you. Stop chasing it; stop checking it out.

We are in total control of our destiny if I can learn this anyone can.


Let me explain Nela in the simplest form. She turns on or activates a door inside of you. So, the rest of the story and work of finding yourself is up to you. She is simply there to hold your hand. She allows you to determine the path and open the next doors to find yourself. She helps you find you in your own unique way. Other spiritual leaders tell you how awakening should look and happen. But the truth is, it happens different for all of us. This is Nela's approach; therefore, she works best 1-on-1 with clients. She is simply a helpful friend on your journey. You are the driver and 100% in total control. Take a chance and find your personal strength!


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