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Muse Energy

Treat these muses like a meditation. Listen to them, take your breath, relax your body, and place your focus on your heart. Breathe and just pay attention to your body. Allow the body to move.


Sense and feel the sensations you may be having. These sensations may be colors, pictures, feelings, vibrations, and/or emotions. Be relaxed while listening. The transformation of energy may happen during or after interacting with the muse. Remain in a place of awe and wonder, like a child who is discovering new things.


Allow your energy to release, come in, and allow yourself to rediscover yourself. All of these muses are a connection to uniquely you. It is live consciousness to help with your growth, your memory, your connection to Source, to God, and to divine universal energy. It is the most powerful energy that any being is. It is the connection to Self, the connection of oneness, the connection of all that is. It allows you to remember and unfold while going through the process of remembering.


Remember: The symptoms and what to expect do apply for advancing your inner growth.

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