Energy Integration47

This is a comprehensive list of items that are included in the packages. Note: not all items are included in every package. This list is to help you decide which package would be best for you.

Breakdown of Terms


One (1) hour long session to work through the basics and how to properly use them in your everyday life. This takes you through the emotional and energetic body. Along with the energy container, I surround you with for a better understanding and application of your tools to your life. Every Zoom session is recorded and sent to you.

Energy Applications

These are called Via-Energy or Energy Flux. It is simply a different technique for working with your energetic body, energy field, chakra system, and pulling information from your 10th chakra into your present moment. It includes DNA activations in your physical body in this reality.

Phone Calls

This is a way for me to connect to the current timeline you are in and to apply the right energy that is needed for your current situation and for your present moment. It allows you a space for clarity. It includes weekend texting and voice texting. Every phone call is recorded and sent to you.

Muse and/or Voice Activations

I provide a stream of frequency/energy to connect the dots between reality and energy. It will put you in a state of flow and connection. I suggest that you listen to these for 1-2 weeks at a time to feel a transformation. With every muse/voice activation, you can feel it instantly in your energy field/energetic body.


I create custom meditations with your particular energy signature that is needed on your timeline and with things you are experiencing. This allows you to move faster and be more clear with your focus, direction, and goals. It is recommended to listen 1-2 weeks to fully ground this in your body.

The BIG Package (Package 4)

Sometimes, we will have multiple appointments in one week. This is specially tailored to whatever is needed for your (what YOU are walking through or experiencing). Sometimes there is a phone call every single day or evening appointments to address things (energy work, cutting ties with others/things, doing what your soul is calling out for). I will be with you 100% throughout the two months to make certain you understand how to literally stop yourself, recognize yourself, and know what your choices are, how to read the energy, and to understand. I also walk you through releasing trapped emotions. Going through this process is like going through a butterfly effect. This is when you hit a wall and you conquer it. You need that best friend. You need that rock to support you through it. That rock is me! I will be there with you when you fall and have to get back up again.