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44" x 47" printed on 13 oz. scrim.


This piece is colorful to bring all pieces of you together (the inner and the outer energy bodies). This is an ultimate, bringing in frequencies of energy to your physical body and around it while reaching up into the ethers. Use this piece for healing your body, your mental state, your overall energy of your body, your knowing. It cleans and clears old, past energies that are not within your current design.


By working with this piece on a regular basis, you are able to hold the frequency of your life path in and around your physical body. Stand wherever you feel you are guided to stand or sit. You may also place the smaller pieces/tools available for purchase on this design to change the signature of energy that you desire and light energy that you are working with. Use it as many times throughout the day as you feel directed OR simply use this piece for meditative purposes! By repetitively using this piece, your belief and mindset will change along with your energy field.


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