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40" x 48" printed on 13 oz. scrim.


This piece is made with three different compasses. It focuses on direction, choices, future, wisdom, change, and guidance with outer and inner energy flow. This piece conducts that light energy to and through you. It is extremely powerful. As you stand or sit on this piece, it is the strongest conductor of energy to your physical body. It is an inner compass that brings you direction, strength, knowing, and ideas.


Stand or sit wherever you are guided or directed to…whatever feels best to you. By working with this piece on a regular basis, you are able to hold the frequency of your life path in and around your physical body and reality. You also may place the smaller pieces/tools available for purchase by placing them on top of this piece. That will change the signature of energy that you are currently working with. Use it as many times throughout the day as you feel guided OR simply use it for meditative purposes! By repetitively using this piece, your belief and mindset will change along with your energy field.


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