Personal Appointments

Reshaping the inside and the outside of your reality.

You don't need to come in to the appointment knowing what you need to work on as we will discover that together, but if you do, that's great! The thing is, many times a person thinks they know what they need to work on, but it goes in a direction that was never anticipated.


You always get what you need in conjunction with where you are at. I always work from a place of love, so remember that. I work with your Sacral Chakra, which is your space of creativity and spirituality. creativity is your imagination,dreams,goals. spirituality is your feelings,beliefs,values. This is your most powerful energy you possess in your body, and yes that said it is attached to the sexual feeling of an orgasm. 

I have a lot of clients/friends who find it easier to be personally guided/boosted on their journey. We are all so unique. We take the hour to split it into coaching and energy work, or one or the other. the energy work only consists of you relaxing and allowing and breathing. you will feel it! with me doing it at a distance you are able to be in a comfortable safe place. This is what my personal appointments are. 

I mainly work with energy, which encompasses a wide gamut: medium, healer, psychic, mentor, cleaning of energy, boosting/connecting to your soul/higher self, opening of blockages.


In-Person Appointments

Skype Appointments

Telephone Appointments

I'm a projector and multidimensional, so an in-person appointment is the same as a
Skype or telephone appointment. The energy and feeling is the same, so don't worry
about distance.

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