Nela can create a container to channel a frequency/vibration no matter what you're made of, what aspects or energy you have brought to your experience that you are currently living in at this time. You are able to connect to DNA strands to have your memory come back, to have different touches and pieces of light and energy held into your body. As you listen to these frequencies repetitively for one to two weeks, you are able to hold it into your body and into your physical reality, thus making this experience easier and have more of a flow. The normal human has so many questions and it all comes down to the light that you carry inside of your body, the frequency that you can hold in your body. Being in your body is the most powerful place you can be on this planet. Nela is able to bring this on this planet and channel it so everyone, whether you're searching or not, is able to connect to what you need to remember for who you are.

Nela's suggestion is to listen to the same muse for 1 or 2 weeks at a minimum. Using the muses as a meditation puts you in that container of energy. This is how you are allowed to find and grab your very own signature of energy/frequency.

You can buy individual muses in the store if you are unsure, but we are confident you will soon want access to all of them, depending on what you are going through at this time. Nela is consistently and frequently creating new muses, so the selection is only growing.

Want a custom muse?

No problem! Nela can create your very own muse, however, you must make an appointment with her so she can visit with you and connect with you AND your soul to find out what you personally need. She will then help you claim your seat on your own personal, spiritual trip.


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