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Live By Collection

These four pieces are beautiful mantras to live by. I have put them into pictures to bypass the mind's thoughts, belief systems, and labels. Do what feels right to you. There is no wrong or right way to use these pieces. I simply take a breath and gaze at them.


Every time you pass by them, look at them and you will receive the frequency from them. Each piece connects to your unique design. It may come on strongly or slowly. You may need to work with some pieces 3 days or 2 weeks in a row. Then, move on to another piece. Revisit it from time to time.


You are constantly changing and growing and the pieces do the same along with you. So, feel the tingles and movement. See the colors and pictures. Feel the emotions. Allow your knowing, clarity, and being to come with each piece. Hold a vibration that brings it to a place on your body. Keep it in your pocket to make it through the workday to help see your clarity and choices. Remember: The symptoms and what to expect do apply for advancing your inner growth.

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