Energy Integration47

Stop going down rabbit holes to discover yourself!
Learn how to discover who you really are and how to stand in your own power to unearth the answers you are looking for.

• Energy, Emotions, Illnesses, Sensations

• Understanding Energy around You and Others

• Your Gifts, Your Knowing, Letting Go

• Standing in Your Own Unique Power

Sexual Healing Via Energy Flux

By focusing on the sacral chakra (energy point) and energy points of other chakra's, I work with the energy to allow the release and gain (of energy) in this area to bring in more light so the energy point can function properly. It hits on the blocks to allow healing sexuality, relationships, vulnerability, trust, and self love. These are all different degrees of how we relate and interact with our self Being and our Reality. By adding light, we are able to clean, clear, and flow through our understanding of what we need to accomplish and conquer to truly understand our direction of self.

I am your virtual reality guide. I provide energy and clarity for opening and remembering who you are.
By embodying who you are and understanding how you are, I bring the polarity of these two things together: who and how. You will learn how to read the matrix/reality of the body you are in. Learn:


~ To be strong and independent and unique

~ To hear and connect to your guides, essence, soul, intuition

~ To understand your gifts, inner power, and magic

~ To open up your knowledge, wisdom, and remembering 

~ To hold your energy, vibration, and frequency at all times

~ To understand self and how you work

~ Cleaning of emotions and experiences

~ To understand your reality/matrix you are creating 

~ To understand what your body and brain is for; how it works 

Nela's Muses

Allow Nela's voice and channeling to take you places! Take a breath and relax into the muse and enjoy the ride. The more you relax, the more you take on.  You only receive light codes unique to your own design. Muse energy is inspiring and transformational. Every time you tap into one of Nela's muses, you gather what you need and with each listening, you may receive something different as the muse "changes" with you. Nela recommends consistently listening to a muse for about two weeks. Of course, you may listen longer, but in order to really grow, two weeks is the minimum. These muses are powerful energy that Nela channels to help you with your personal growth and reality/truth.  They assist you in self development and understanding.