Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out the FAQ's to the right. If your question has not been answered, feel free to message me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank You!


What is the difference between Via-Energy and Energy Flux?

Via-Energy is strictly working with your energetic body: DNA, cleaning, and turning on different energy sources. Energy Flux is working with the human body: healing different parts and allowing the energy to flow. Sometimes this energy work feels the same and sometimes it feels different from one another, depending on the individual and how they sense energy.


How many Energy Flux appointments will I need to be healed?

This depends on how many things are being healed and how many layers of the body need energy!


Why do the 2-month program versus
1 or 2 sessions?

The two month program teaches you how to start recognizing your inner power and how it works by understanding the process firsthand AND how to apply it in your everyday life. You will figure out how you work,as well as how you get your information. One or two sessions will only tackle your present moment, which is usually something that's blocking you or something you are not willing to recognize.


Can I do one session at a time as I need it?

Yes! You have to be willing to look within and do your inner work, because it's always important to take care of yourself.


What will I gain from working with you?

Independence, a sense of ease, calmness, understanding that YOU have all the answers! There is never a reason to panic or run to anything because you truly understand that you have all of the guidance and understanding that you need. You will understand how to receive it. You will completely change!


Why is the Package 4 so expensive?

The fact that you get VIP access to me, Nela, and usually receive more appointments than what is listed, depending on YOUR needs and what YOU are going through. I am with you every step of the way until the two months is done.