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My mission, my goal, here is to wake up the world…to help people/teachers discover their inner power and what unique ability they bring here to help others. We will make the New World and we will make the world as unique as we are and allow everything to possess it's own unique quality that we bring to make up this world-however it may look and however it may be. Build on truth and love. We are here for an experience in this New World we will all experience and create…in this fishbowl of life. 


The only things you need to do are:

• Make time for our Zoom appointments (one per week)

• Do the homework (comes in handy for everyday life)

• Be dedicated to yourself (discover your self and inner power)

To book one of these packages, make a free discovery appointment. We will schedule this together!

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One-on-One Session (Phone)

One (1) Hour Phone Session


$104 USD

one-on-one phone 30 min.jpg

Sexual Healing Via Energy Flux

30 Minute Phone Call


$74 USD


3 One-on-One Sessions (Phone)

1 Hour Sessions

Energy Flux

Via Energy

$282 USD

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