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The Collections

All of these pieces are designed to grow with the owner of the piece. 


Everyone is on their own unique path, so experiences with these pieces will differ. Some people may receive feelings, sensations, pictures and/or colors.
I think all of these pieces are best described with the light frequency they are. These pieces are door openers and light conductors of your essence,
your energy, and who you are.

Their energy comes through by looking at them, touching them, placing your hands over them, placing them on/under your head, sitting on them, placing them under objects or furniture, placing them in a pocket or on the body. Wherever you are called to put them or use them, do so! Go with your intuition or experiment with them to see what works best for you. Simply refer back to the piece (or pieces) from time to time. You can do this once a day or throughout your day. Work with these pieces for two weeks to strengthen that frequency of light in your body, into your being.


Call on it anytime you need it throughout your life.


Pure divine light energy, healing of traumas, recognition of self,  frequency/vibration of truth…This pure energy cannot be changed, transferred, or manipulated in any way, shape, or form. In all directions of time, space, reality, or realms, with all four elements, it is bound. This pure energy will forever stay true to its creation of the design.  It is done.  In every present moment. 


For the New Earth. Pure of Heart.

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