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Body Collection

These pieces are made for a simple 4-10 minute meditation aimed at bringing in a frequency to your body field and to start taking on the frequency of balance. We are made to become crystal energy to allow our body to be balanced for the healing of the body and mind while also cleansing and clearing space for the energy/vibration that you currently bring here in this reality.


So, feel the tingles and movements. See the colors and pictures. Feel the emotions. Allow your knowing, clarity, and being to come with each piece. You are made to do certain things. You are here for a reason. You are made in a certain design. It got lost along the way. Your body is made to heal itself, so why isn't it? It needs your unique frequency and design to live. This is the process of making room, clearing out, and bringing in energy to allow yourself to carry that frequency naturally. Remember: The symptoms and what to expect do apply for advancing your inner growth.

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