Energy Integration47

You are the selector of your reality,

so why aren't you balanced?

• Energy, Emotions, Illnesses, Sensations

• Understanding Energy around You and Others

• Your Gifts, Your Knowing, Letting Go

• Standing in Your Own Unique Power

By turning your sensory system (emotions and sensations) on, you have a better understanding of the communication you are receiving
to fully understand your power and use your gift and KNOW who YOU are!

This builds your foundation for positive growth that is more beneficial for your growth and spiritual journey.

I show you my power. You can see it and feel it in every video.

I have discovered that by keeping the appointments close together, it keeps the energy flowing and downloads of information coming in and releasing of trapped emotions and illnesses. I am with you every step of the way (physically and mentally), because our energetic bodies become synced together and talk you through the process.

You stop searching outside of yourself and learn how to go within to reach understanding, knowing, and flow. This helps you to be the creator of YOUR reality and be in YOUR power.

Fishbowl47 Process

• Energy Integration47
• Healing 
• Understanding
• Quantum
• Astral Travel
• Energy Body

Building a foundation of growing for one's healing

This is a very unique technique. Not just anybody can do this. You need to have a feeling of energy itself; know how it
feels and the different sensations that the body has with energy. This work is for the understanding of energy and
empathic ability. If you have traits of an empath, this is your way to heal yourself and you infuse this work to reveal and conquer your unique ability. This is knowing why and how an empath is placed in this world for healing. This is very
difficult energy work to grasp, but the results are amazing. You help people step into their power of knowing and guide them through the step-by-step process together by bringing out their individuality of their own being to help them be independent. By helping them turn on their sensory system and revealing their connection to self, it gives them a foundation for growth and connection to one's self by letting go of emotions and discovering their truth and beliefs;
YOUR INNER POWER. This is empathic work. This is why empaths are here in this world.

Are YOU an Empath or Healer? 

Energy Integration47

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