Energy Integration47

Who are you? Why does an uncomfortable feeling come in every so often like something is missing?

• Energy, Emotions, Illnesses, Sensations

• Understanding Energy around You and Others

• Your Gifts, Your Knowing, Letting Go

• Standing in Your Own Unique Power

I am your virtual reality guide and provide energy and clarity for opening and remembering who you are. By embodying who you are and understanding how you are, I bring the polarity of these two things together: who and how. you learn how to read the matrix/reality the body you are in. 


*To be strong and independent and unique 

*To hear and connect to your guides, essence, soul, intuition

*To understand your gifts, inner power, and magic

*To open up your knowledge, wisdom, and remembering 

*To hold your energy, vibration, and frequency in your body at all times

*To understand self and how you work 

*Cleaning of emotions and experiences

*To understand your reality/matrix you are creating 

*To understand what your body and brain is for and how it works 



Fishbowl47 Process

Two Months 

16 Sessions 

8 via-energy 

8 one-on-one 

Custom meditation for your growth 

VIP messaging to help guide you in your walking life 

Two appointments a week. One you will be present for; one you will not. All it takes is dedication to yourself. You only need to make time for one hour once a week and then to follow the guidance. 

This is the change you're seeking; connecting to self fully is what you're seeking. Once you connect to self, you just understand and you know and you enjoy this life. You enjoy this experience and get it, because the only thing you're seeking is your soul, your essence, and source. 

Energy Integration47

My mission, my goal, here is to wake up the world.... To help people/teachers discover their inner power and what unique ability they bring here to help others. We will make the New World and we will make the world as unique as we are and allow everything to possess it's own unique quality that we bring to make up this world-however it may look and however it may be. Build on truth and love. We are here for an experience in this New World we will all experience and create.... in this fishbowl of life. 

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