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By signing up to become a FREE member of this site, you will gain access to a monthly muse! Once you have become a member, watch the video to see how to access that muse. The monthly muse will be changed out during the first week of every month.

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Building a Foundation of Self

Nela Maya has launched her new series "Building a Foundation of Self!" Follow her as she leads you through self-discovery, helping you to unfold and remember who you are. Ultimately, this series will lead you on to discovering true happiness, how to live life, gratitude, and just plain contentment. But, you will have to do the work yourself with Nela as your guide. This is achieved by following along with the lessons found on both Facebook and YouTube. They will be uploaded at different intervals so that you have time to practice the lessons, soak them up, and turn them into habits before moving on to the next lesson. So, watch the video below to see what Nela has to say about what inspired her to do this particular series. Then, head over to Facebook and/or Youtube to follow and subscribe so you don't miss a single episode!


We live in a fishbowl.

In this life, we are either trying to get into OR out of the fishbowl. We are always looking on the other side of the bowl, because either we are worried about what other people think of us OR we are so worried about ourselves when, really, it's just us.

We wake up every day in our world. We are the ONLY ones who can change our world. So, our world is the only thing we should be concerned with: self. Are you paying attention to the words coming out of your mouth and are your actions matching those words? This is when you find your balance; when you make them the same. That is living your values, living your perspective, and making the world yours. In the end, you just become the fish in the fishbowl, doing your thing, no matter who is watching you.

Meet Nela

amy four corners.jpg

For single sessions with Nela or custom muses, email her at

One day, I realized there was more to this life than I was led to believe or taught. Since 2016, I have honed my natural ability. This has not come to me by taking classes or learning someone else's way. I just naturally understand what I can do:

  • I sense & see energy

  • I open portals & doors of energy

  • I clean up & replace energy

I have been unraveling how this all works through the years, so I started creating my pieces to help people. I place energy into these pieces. The pieces grow with each person while connecting them to the frequency that they need. 


Our life is one big, bad habit and habits are hard to change. Many people have a hard time finding a frequency/vibration of energy, let alone being able to keep it.


I help people do exactly that with the pieces, muses, and sessions I've created. I channel that energy of light in your field/body. It is up to you to strengthen it every day until it is naturally you. You will understand being mindful and directing your power to benefit self and others.

Throughout the years of learning everything I can do and everything I've discovered, I have been unraveling how it all works. This is when I started creating tools, or pieces as I call them. I place certain types of energy into these pieces and they grow with each person while connecting them to the frequency that they need.


Manifesting • Creating • Healing • Dreaming • Living

Nela's Pieces

All of the pieces I have created are a connection to uniquely you.

• Energy Muses (Auditory)

• Interactive Energy Pieces (Portal)

• Art Pieces (Visual)

• Leather Pieces (Visual, Tactile & Mobile)

It is live consciousness to help with one's growth, memory, and connection to source, God, and divine universal energy, which is straight from the heart. It is the most powerful energy that any being is. It is the connection to self, the connection of oneness, the connection of ALL that is and to remember, unfold, and go through the process of remembering.

All of these pieces of creation are designed to grow with the owner of the piece. 


Pure divine light energy, healing of traumas, recognition of self,  frequency/vibration of truth…This pure energy cannot be changed, transferred, or manipulated in any way, shape, or form. In all directions of time, space, reality or realms, with all four elements, it is bound. This pure energy will forever stay true to its creation of design.  It is done.  In every present moment. 


For the New Earth. Pure of Heart.


Energy Muse

Treat this like a meditation. Listen, take your breath, relax your body, and place your focus on your heart. Breathe and just pay attention to the body. Allow the body to move. Sense and feel the sensations that you are having. They may be colors, pictures, feeling, certain vibrations, and/or certain emotions. You will always be relaxed when listening, but the transformation of energy may happen during or after interacting with the muse. Be in a place of awe and wonder, like a child discovering new things to allow your energy to release, come in, and allowing you to regain your memory of self.

Interactive Energy Pieces

There are four pieces in this collection; two large pieces and two medium pieces. Do as you feel with them: stand on them, sit on them, have different placements of your feet, hands, or bottom. You may place them under a rug, under your bed, or anywhere on the floor. You may also put them on the wall to stand in front of. Each piece carries a different signature of energy, but it is alive and it is opening doorways and opportunities for your design - uniquely you. 

Vision Pieces

Place these pieces in any part of your home, wherever you feel that energy is needed to interact with you. You may place them away at a desk or always leave them out. Refer to them here and there along your journey. This energy is strictly through vision and your perception. It brings energy and/or frequency into your reality and all parts of your inner being.

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