and Self Discovery for LIVING


I am a teacher and speaker. I teach people how to take control of their thoughts and actions and move toward their goal, because at the end of the day, YOU ARE HOLDING YOURSELF BACK. You are! You are responsible for you.

We take responsibility for so much in our life...

• Going to work

• Doing your laundry/chores

• Taking care of your kids

• Taking of your pets

• Taking showers

• Getting dressed


What about the responsibility of you?

• Your thinking

• Your feelings

• Your actions

• Your life



How do you do that? What you're doing so far isn't working!


I teach you how I did it. To get you to a point of success, this will take a couple of sessions everyone is different, but I recommend three months one session a week.

We start with you by cleaning you out from the inside to create and reach your goals on the outside. That's how you find your flow...your push through your own shit to make your life good.

I am intuitive. This is personal work. It will make you feel vulnerable, but that's the stuff that's holding you back. I was one of those people that never shared my dirty laundry, kept shit inside and tried to figure it out. Once I allowed myself to be vulnerable and look at my shit head-on, I was able to overcome my conquer them. And trust me, I am NOT one to air my dirty laundry. So know, with each session we have together, your personal life is your personal life. I will never judge you for we are not perfect and I, myself, have experienced the gutter as well.


We find ourselves being stuck inside the fishbowl, told what to do, being judged, being ridiculed about how to be, but no one knows how it feels to be us. Otherwise, we are trying to get into the fishbowl of life and trying to live, yet we don't know how to do that.

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